"Hail to the long-awaited death of mediocrity.
Finally something for a thinking public."

"It expands the heart and soul . . ."

"Breathtaking scope!"   "A tour de force. Bravo!"

"You both have given a shot in the arm to every gardener in the room . . . AND every non-gardener!"

"Now that it's over, who is going to make us think?"

"It's been difficult to describe the lectures as your presentations are so unique but I can tell you that those of us who attended them have been out spreading the news by word of mouth and soon there won't be a gardener around who hasn't heard about them."

"The amount of work you have put into these lectures is obvious and mind-boggling. What initiative – what brilliance! Please put my email address in your 'bank' as I would go to see anything you produce."

"Never have I enjoyed history as much!"