"We five friends saw your 2nd lecture last night and none of us can believe the richness of these presentations. Why has no one ever done this kind of thing before? Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Inspired and inspiring . . ."

"The talk was simply wonderful. Your lovely voices, superb observations and photographs all blended to create a magical mood. The world was a different place then and you both helped us relive that."

"Intelligent, captivating. I am overwhelmed!"

"I felt like David Attenborough would have been pleased to be sitting beside me."

"It was experiential. Everywhere I go people are talking about it. We are just not used to this kind of in-depth research, artistic expression and incredible technical expertise. The three elements have made the lectures magical AND memorable."

"I loved the first lecture so much I was sure I would be disappointed at the second. What a surprise to be equally pleased but in a different manner. Heartfelt congratulations for this initiative."

"This is Art! Please tell me there is more to come."