“I am still in a dreamlike state . . . still in Giverny . . . wisteria, water lilies, roses, boats, haystacks, his landscapes, his abstractions . . . all simply magnificent. I will appreciate his works with deeper knowledge – all thanks to your inimitable talents! Gorgeous photos, brilliant script! Brava, Brava!”

“Monet’s Muse was fabulous. The audience was totally absorbed in a fixated silence for the entire show. Once again you have set a standard that will challenge anyone else in North America.”

“Another memorable evening brought to us by Paradise Found Lectures. Art galleries across the country should be lining up to book this piece.”

“Congratulations on the well-deserved sellout. It was so enriching to have the whole political and social context of the Impressionist movement along with the great art and garden photos.”

“I bought tickets for last night’s Monet’s Muse as a ‘first date’ outing. Wow, what a good move that was! It gave us so much to talk about and immediately let us find common ground. My only problem is how do I possibly follow this up?”

“I've been to Giverny twice and am returning next month with a group I'm taking. I learned a lot about the history of the Impressionists and realize how little I knew about the development of the gardens. I now also have a greater appreciation of Monet's personal history and his approach to painting."